GameSTUL! driving simulators

There are two stuls, which one will you sit on?
as they say in Russia
Has been developed and manufactured in Russia.
Since 2009

Home Revolution V.3


RUS patent №2439710

PRICE - 1180$

  • Unique patented design
  • Maximum rigidity
  • Triple functionality
  • Transport wheels
  • Plenty of adjustments
  • Suitable for flight simulators
  • An arm for Gearbox
  • Cup holder
  • Runners included
  • Anatomically calibrated fit
  • Suitable for king-size pilots
  • Perfect compatibility with the Logitech, Thrustmaster & Fanatec
  • Choice of frame colors
  • A choice of upholstery
  • Real homologated racing chair
  • made in Russia

Product Characteristics:

  • Compatible with Playstation, Xbox, PC
  • Compatible with steering wheels and pedals Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster
  • Durable metal frame & polymer coating
  • Tested & used by professional racing drivers in Russia
  • High quality real car seat
  • Maximum stability
  • High quality materials and fittings
  • Specifications
  • Recommended driver's heigth:
  • minimum 140cm, maximum 225cm
  • Recommended drivers weight:
  • minimum 30kg, maximum 130kg
  • Dimensions:
  • Chair mode: 60cm X 67cm X 145cm
  • Cockpit mode: 145cm X 67cm X 120cm



RUS patent №2439710

PRICE -1750$

• unique and universal design

• possibility to choose chair material

• possibility to choose the color of the construction (frame)

• VR compatibility

• maximum fixity

• double function

• many adjustments

• rack for handbrake and gearbox included

• skids

• real sports car seat

• anatomicall landing

• suitable for overweight users

• perfect match with

Thrustmaster /

Logitech /

Fanatec /

Simucube /

Simagic and other wheels

• made in Russia

Product Characteristics:

• Recommended user height: minimum 140 cm, maximum 225cm

• Recommended user weight: minimum 45 kg, maximum 155 kg

• Dimensions of the chair:

130cm X 50cm X 50 cm

• Dimensions of the package:

15cm X 70cm X 130 cm

60cm X 50cm X 70 cm

• Material of construction: metal

• Coating: Powder coating technology

• Car seat material: composite, fabric, leatherette

Contents of delivery:

• metal construction (assembled)

• seat (composite)

• rack for gearbox and handbrake

• skids

• screw

• set for fastening and hiding wires

* Devices are not included in the package and should be purchased separately. ** The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

*** Monitor rack mount kit purchased separately.

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